Savings Potential as Far as Your Eye Can See

By: Michael Camber

Ron Marshall recently posted an article on about an automotive parts manufacturer that was able to reap the benefits of annual electrical savings by using the heat rejected by the plant compressors for wintertime heating.

The savings potential was uncovered when an auditor noticed that the compressor ducting was venting outdoors instead of into the compressor room.

This is a great example of how incorporating heat recovery into a compressed air installation can help reduce energy costs. It’s also a perfect example of what you can uncover by taking a step back and looking for opportunities in your plant.

In this case, there was an additional heater installed in the compressor room. It only took someone asking the question “Is there a more energy efficient way to do this?”.

So, take a look at your plant and processes. Can you use the warm exhaust air from the compressors to heat an adjacent room? Or what about tapping into the fluid cooling circuit to heat process fluids?
The savings potential is almost as limitless as the possibilities!

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