If Walls Had Ears, They’d Hear Leaks

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June 4, 2015 by kaeserusa

By: Michael Camber

Don't_Let_This_Happen_to_YouI walked through a shop after hours. It was a body shop, but it could have been any shop—a machine shop, cabinet shop, fab shop. No one was there—all had gone home to rest.

Stepped over an air hose—leaking air.

Stepped over another hose—leaking air.

Close by, in a dark cinderblock room with poor ventilation, the compressor sighed and came to life—for no good reason.

And the electric meter spun faster.

Was it your shop? Check your system for leaks and when you find them, fix them.

Michael_Camber_100x150_March_2017Michael Camber is Kaeser’s Marketing Services Manager. He has been in a number of sales, marketing, and training roles since joining Kaeser in 1997 and is a member of Kaeser’s active training team, educating both Kaeser’s distribution network and customers on reliable and energy efficient compressed air system design.

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