Compressed Air Ideas Have Consequences

By: Kaeser Compressors, Inc.

Managing Editor of Maintenance Technology Jane Alexander recently interviewed compressed air expert Ron Marshall for the July 2017 issue of the magazine. The article, “Untangling Compressed Air Misconceptions” provides fair warning: what you may be doing in your plant, albeit with the best of intentions, could actually be doing more harm than good.

Ms. Alexander is correct in asserting that “compressed air systems are often misunderstood”. Unfortunately, this lack of understanding comes at the price of increased maintenance, operating, and energy costs.

Quite often the misunderstandings occur because of shortsightedness or perhaps a narrow understanding of compressed air and day-to-day plant operations. Collaborating with operators, maintenance workers, and a compressed air solutions provider can go a long way towards building a complete picture of the best solutions to implement.

Read the full article here to challenge what you think you already know about compressed air. You might be surprised at what you stand to gain by broadening your compressed air horizons.