Nightmare of an Installation, Part V

By: Kaeser Compressors, Inc.

Just in time for Halloween, here’s part V of our Nightmare of an Installation series.

The ambient air in a compressor room often contains contaminants: particulates such as dust, oil such as lubricant aerosols vented from equipment, and moisture. All of these contaminants are ingested into the compressor, concentrated during the compression process, passed on to the rest of the system, and without proper filtration, to the product and or process equipment. But dirt, dust, fibers in the plant can also build up on the outside of your equipment. Clogged filters, heat exchangers, fans and electrical cabinets reduce airflow and build up heat, which can be a mortal enemy to compressors and dryers. If your air system is living in a dusty dungeon, you need to increase your PM schedule to keep things clean or look at an alternative location for the equipment.

This dryer had the misfortune of being installed in such a location. Maybe a different compressor room location (and regular maintenance) would have kept away some of the creepy crawlies.

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