Zen and the Art of Compressor Maintenance

By: Werner Rauer

I’ve never understood the reluctance to take care of routine compressor maintenance. They’ll say compressed air is absolutely critical for their plant and that their processes can’t function without it. But, in the next breath admit they don’t regularly change the oil or check the air filters on their compressor. Truthfully, regular care and maintenance is one of the best ways to bring a little Zen to your compressed air system. It can reduce unscheduled downtime and keep your system running as efficiently as possible. Here are five tips on what to consider when putting together a maintenance plan for your plant. Continue reading “Zen and the Art of Compressor Maintenance”

Some Like It Hot…Your Compressor Room Doesn’t

By: Neil Mehltretter

Many facilities have issues with compressor room temperature regulation. This is due in large part to poor planning. Too often the compressor room is the last part of the facility considered when building a new plant or retrofitting an old one. As a result, the compressed air system is installed wherever there is room left—cramped spaces, alongside boilers or other equipment. Most compressed air systems have standard temperature ratings between 40 oF and 115 oF. However, considering that refrigerated dryers and heated desiccant dryers have correction factors when inlet temperatures rise above or fall below 100 oF, careful consideration should be taken into account for ambient conditions for both summer and winter. Continue reading “Some Like It Hot…Your Compressor Room Doesn’t”

Let’s Make a Deal…Or Maybe Not

By: Michael Camber

When it comes to talking about used equipment, there’s one sentence that strikes terror into the heart of anyone who knows anything about energy efficiency, “I got it on eBay.” Continue reading “Let’s Make a Deal…Or Maybe Not”

To Err is Human

By: Wayne Perry

“To err is human, to forgive divine, to persist devilish.” Benjamin Franklin

One of our more colorful founding fathers provided us with an excellent warning when it comes to industrial compressed air optimization projects. Continue reading “To Err is Human”

Don’t Get Fooled—Go with the Real Deal

We’ve all been there. I would wager we’ve all done it. When it comes time to get an oil change or replace our windshield wipers, we want to go for the store brand, not the genuine replacement part. It’s cheaper. Isn’t it? It’s just as good. Right? Continue reading “Don’t Get Fooled—Go with the Real Deal”