To Err is Human

By: Wayne Perry

“To err is human, to forgive divine, to persist devilish.” Benjamin Franklin

One of our more colorful founding fathers provided us with an excellent warning when it comes to industrial compressed air optimization projects. Continue reading “To Err is Human”

Don’t Get Fooled—Go with the Real Deal

We’ve all been there. I would wager we’ve all done it. When it comes time to get an oil change or replace our windshield wipers, we want to go for the store brand, not the genuine replacement part. It’s cheaper. Isn’t it? It’s just as good. Right? Continue reading “Don’t Get Fooled—Go with the Real Deal”

Getting Back Online After the Holidays

By: Jeremy Hitt

The holidays are over and for many plants that means seasonal shut downs or lower production demands are also a thing of the past. While everyone is gearing up to start this year with gusto, don’t forget to stop and take a breath before bringing your equipment back online. Continue reading “Getting Back Online After the Holidays”

7 Deadly Sins of Compressed Air

By: Wayne Perry

When putting together a compressed air system, temptation is all around you. You want the best system, but having the best doesn’t mean grabbing whatever looks good. Build a system that meets your needs not your wants. Focusing on your system’s needs and avoiding these seven deadly sins will keep you from needing to confess when your utility bill arrives. Continue reading “7 Deadly Sins of Compressed Air”

Turning Air Compressors into an Energy Source

By: Werner Rauer

The rise in energy prices is an unwelcome reality in today’s manufacturing and business environment.  While the rate of price increases for natural gas, heating oil, and other sources may vary from year to year, the upward trajectory is clear. Energy cost reduction strategies are vital to staying competitive. Continue reading “Turning Air Compressors into an Energy Source”