Food for Thought Podcast

In addition to our live and archived webinars there are additional opportunities to learn from our air system specialists in various platforms, including podcasts. Our air system specialists have been talking to Food Processing Magazine for their Food for Thought podcast series. Topics so far have included oil-free air and the impact of location on compressed air system design:

June 2022

In this episode of the Food For Thought Podcast, Kaeser Compressors’ experts address why oversizing occurs and how an oversized system reduces reliability and increases maintenance and lifecycle costs.

Costs of Oversizing Compressed Air Systems

May 2022

In the most recent episode they covered the “Class 0” compressed air classification: what it is and what it means for food and beverage processors.

Listen to: ISO Class 0 Compressed Air: Is It Just Another Way of Saying “Oil-Free”?

April 2022

When it comes to compressed air systems, is it really all about location? We explain that and more in this episode of the podcast.

Listen to: The Impact of Compressed Air System Location on Uptime, Productivity and Equipment Longevity

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