Savings Potential as Far as Your Eye Can See

By: Michael Camber

Ron Marshall recently posted an article on about an automotive parts manufacturer that was able to reap the benefits of annual electrical savings by using the heat rejected by the plant compressors for wintertime heating. Continue reading “Savings Potential as Far as Your Eye Can See”

Energy Savings with Heat Recovery

By: Werner Rauer

Since publishing the first blog entry on heat recovery, we’ve had a lot of interest in how to calculate energy savings for heat recovery systems as well as some examples of savings potential. Hopefully this follow up will help answer some of those questions. Continue reading “Energy Savings with Heat Recovery”

Turning Air Compressors into an Energy Source

By: Werner Rauer

The rise in energy prices is an unwelcome reality in today’s manufacturing and business environment.  While the rate of price increases for natural gas, heating oil, and other sources may vary from year to year, the upward trajectory is clear. Energy cost reduction strategies are vital to staying competitive. Continue reading “Turning Air Compressors into an Energy Source”