Get in the Pressure Zone

By: Stephen Horne

We all know that plant pressure is important. When it’s too low, tools don’t operate correctly, processes fail, and tempers flare. Which is probably why there’s a fairly unhealthy—or at least a somewhat inefficient—relationship with pressure. But, if you take the time to get in the pressure zone you can reduce scrap, improve air quality, and lower operating costs. Here’s how. Continue reading “Get in the Pressure Zone”

VFDs for Small Shops

By: Michael Camber

It used to be that automotive, woodworking, fabrication and other smaller businesses focused on choosing between a piston and a rotary screw compressor. In recent years, many have shifted to newer rotary compressors and have been keeping a keen eye on the latest technology. Specifically, variable speed drive —also commonly referred to as variable frequency drive (VFD). Continue reading “VFDs for Small Shops”

Learn the Keys to Mastering Your Compressed Air System

By: Kaeser Compressors, Inc.

Plant Services magazine has published a new digital report on compressed air, “Keys to Mastering Your Compressed Air System”. Featuring articles by Ron Marshall of the Compressed Air Challenge and Kaeser’s Senior Technical Director Wayne Perry and Engineering Manager Neil Mehltretter, this digital report is full of useful information on how to optimize a plant’s compressed air system. Continue reading “Learn the Keys to Mastering Your Compressed Air System”

Start the New Year with Smart Tips for Your Compressed Air System

By: Michael Camber

A new year is a fresh start—a chance to try something new and maybe even learn something in the process.

If you’ve resolved to make improvements to your compressed air system, you don’t have to go it alone. There are a number of resources (many of them free) to give you advice on how to smartly manage your system.

Here’s a list of online, easy-to-use resources to help you unlock the efficiency in your system. Continue reading “Start the New Year with Smart Tips for Your Compressed Air System”

12 Days of Compressed Air Energy Savings [Infographic]

By: Kaeser Compressors, Inc.

Looking for ways to spread some holiday cheer and savings? Here are 12 tips to keep your compressed air system off the naughty list. Continue reading “12 Days of Compressed Air Energy Savings [Infographic]”