Misuse of Plant Air

By: Michael Camber

In our visits to plants we often find poor uses of compressed air.  Even though our business depends on selling and servicing compressors, we hate to see people running compressors when they don’t need to.  It’s energy wasted, and we devote much human energy to educating customers on saving electrical energy. Continue reading “Misuse of Plant Air”

Blowers for air knives? Actually, it’s a very good idea.

By: Stephen Horne

Industrial air knives direct air flow toward a product and use the air’s velocity for product drying, cleaning, coating and cooling in many manufacturing and packaging plants. In their most simplistic form, holes are drilled into pipes. Involutes or air amplifier designs are used in more advanced systems. In either case, these applications require high air velocities but not high pressure. Continue reading “Blowers for air knives? Actually, it’s a very good idea.”