Waterfall and Agile Project Management with Compressed Air

By: Wayne Perry

“Waterfall” and “Agile” project management are two methods with roots in the software development world. They were created out of necessity in a demanding industry with highly customized deliverables. Each (in its own way) is systematic, results-driven, and focused on delivering a successful, customer-oriented solution. These approaches to project management have naturally spilled over into other industries and corporate cultures. There’s also a clear application for these two approaches in compressed air system design and ongoing system maintenance and monitoring. In fact, to have lasting success, you should apply both in concert. Continue reading “Waterfall and Agile Project Management with Compressed Air”

Compressed Air Audits: What to Expect from Vendors and Understand about Optimization

By: Neil Mehltretter

One of the most popular methods to identify ways to lower compressed air system energy consumption is to complete a comprehensive compressed air assessment, or “air demand analysis.” If you’re bringing in an outside party to perform the service, make sure your vendor is not cutting corners and that you understand: Continue reading “Compressed Air Audits: What to Expect from Vendors and Understand about Optimization”