Don’t Bypass Reliability or Air Quality

By: Neil Mehltretter

One of the many considerations in putting together a compressed air system is whether or not to include manual bypasses around air treatment. There are different schools of thought concerning this practice, but before you go with including them for the sake of convenience, be sure to understand how it can affect your air quality. Continue reading “Don’t Bypass Reliability or Air Quality”

Don’t Throw Your Compressed Air Down the Drain

By: Michael Camber

If you’ve got a compressed air system, then you’ve got condensate. Hopefully, you also have condensate drains on aftercoolers, filters, dryers, tanks, and air lines throughout your system. Condensate drains are often overlooked but serve a vital function. Condensate is mostly water, but it also contains oil, dirt, and other materials. If you aren’t properly draining it from your system, you can contaminate your products and cause wear and downtime in your production equipment. Continue reading “Don’t Throw Your Compressed Air Down the Drain”