Is Something Eating Away at Your Productivity?

Location and environment have a significant impact on the maintenance costs, reliability and longevity of your compressed air system. We’ve covered this topic a few times before but it’s worth repeating, especially when you have a great visual example with before and after photos.

The first two images below are of the compressor room inside a sugar beet processing facility. The pH levels were so high they were eating through stainless steel, concrete, and the air compressors. Kaeser’s air system specialists worked with the local sales team to come up with an air system designed to their specifications. Moving the compressed air system outside the plant into a custom engineered solution eliminated the corrosion problem. 

At the same time, we addressed a seasonal oversizing issue by housing two separate compressed air systems in the same enclosure.  These support two different processes that have very different seasonal use patterns and flow requirements. This reduces their energy consumption and will extend the maintenance intervals and service life of the compressors.

Take a video tour of this enclosure to learn more:

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